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  1. hahahahaahaha!! not a problem with the parts cost actually, i just need the info thats all hehe!
  2. thanx guys. im new to ducati bike, just bought 2010 monster 696. any tips for this beauty? can this bikeshop can reset the servicing logo? and lastly how abt the spare parts? is the price diff with agent?
  3. OLLO!, where do u guys service yr dukes other than minerva?
  4. sms or col me to coi ur bike.btw wat shop?90829183...serious take over

  5. Hi,free to meet up tomorow?intrested wt year pipe,cal u tomorow morning,thanks.

  6. hey,really interested in buying,what size is it? i know its m, but what the cm? and do u have a pic?

  7. ya hi I will like to know how much and do you install

  8. fallout

    R1 Angel eye

  9. hi...can jz coi?can text me at 81554531?interested

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