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  1. Arrow tip is just from my experience. Once I was going to fast, light turns amber and I could still see an arrow. Had to brake very hard that my rear wheel locked and could feel the rear of my bike moving left/right and had to drop gear quickly to slow further. Rear brake can only slow down but can't stop the bike. Engine brake can reduce the speed further safely. Only the front brake can actually stop the bike but only when the speed is slow (or safe) enough. Just don't let it lock. Speed is critical, don't go too fast. And yes, cameras are everywhere but I think it's necessary. Good luck
  2. If you cross the stop line before it turns red, it's should not trigger the camera. My rule of thumb is that if I am going at (or near to) the speed limit of that road and light turns amber, as long as I can still see ONE arrow on the road (before the stop line), I'll stop even if it means I stop after the stop line. If no arrow but only the stop line, means I am too close & probably can't stop safely (without loosing control) anymore. I'll accelerate & go thru. Normally in this situation, we should cross the stop line before it turns red but it's just to get out of the junction A
  3. I submit the details of my bike to deregister on 17 Nov and was given 1 week (24 Nov) by LTA, so it's 7 days. Just make sure the bike still have a valid road tax/insurance & COE on that last day when you ride to scrap yard.
  4. Unfortunately mine could not move anymore, so I had to use the recovery guy's service. But I believe (but not sure) that the scrap yard will give some money to the person that sends it in (scrap metal money). The reason is because some years ago, a friend scrap his car himself and the scrap yard gave him $100 for scrap metal. So I believe it'll be the same, just don't know how much. The recovery guy also sound very keen when I contacted him.
  5. If not loaning to extend the COE, it can done directly at LTA website. Very straight forward. I recently scrap my 23 year old Suzuki Impulse I got one of the bike recovery guy to send it to the scrap yard for me. He charge me $40. But you'll need his particulars to submit to LTA prior to sending it down. Your 2013 Super4 is worth extending it but probably wait for the COE price to lower down first.
  6. I think the seals in my rear brake pump is kaput (again). At carpark speed and throttle close, I have to fully depress it and bike hardly slows down. It happen once about 4 years back and went to a shop at Ubi. The mechanic replace the seals and it fine. But he's exit the business. So wondering if anyone know of a bike shop in the east side that repair rear brake pump. TIA.
  7. What did you use to jump start? I think for most battery kaput cases, you can push start. I normally use the slope in MSCP. As per kaiq's suggestion, with a multimeter, I think you should get more than 12.5V (without turning key to on) when measure directly from battery (engine cold). With key at On position, there will be slight voltage drop. And when you crank it, voltage should not go below 9.6V. But even if you measure good voltage, also does not mean the CCA is enough to start the bike. I recently had a similar problem on my bike. Initially, I also tot my 4.5 year old battery nee
  8. Sad news, makes me feel the NEA is targeting locals. We are here by birth, not by choice. Here in Singapore, it is already regulation that we have to have our vehicles inspected annually. And if I understand correctly (correct me if I am wrong), in Malaysia, there is no such inspection (for private vehicles). I think LTA (or NEA) should implement vehicle inspection for foreigners working in Singapore and using their foreign registered vehicles. Not just to reduce the number of CO2 pollutive vehicles but those with really loud exhaust too. Those commercial vehicles (buses & lorries)
  9. Got the vacuum caps from Suzuki Motorcycle, a few dollars a piece. Now the impulse is normal. For now, can only conclude the 'lost' cap cause the lost in power. Symptom is similar is to faulty spark plug except engine dies off more easily. But cannot explain why the impulse won't start. Going to replace the battery and (hopefully) use it till the 5 year COE expire. PS: Suzuki Motorcycle was formerly Guan Hoe. They've moved to Kaki Bukit.
  10. Check the bike again last night and it started fine but engine still die off when idling. Notice a sucking sound from the engine area (louder when listening from the left side). While giving a slight turn on the throttle just to prevent engine from die-off, listen more attentive and it was coming from around the petcock area. Initially thought that my vacuum line to the petcock was not properly connected but end up realize that it was coming from the vacuum port on the carburetor. Check the other 3 carburetors and they all had a cap, only the first carburetor on the left side was missing a
  11. Check with a multimeter last night. Both 30A fuse are OK. Also discovered that only the 30A fuse on the outside is in use. The other fuse (inside) is a spare because there is no metal part in the fuse slot. Bike still start fine last night except for the original problem from last Friday (starts but die off when idling).
  12. Tried to jump start the bike from the car battery last night. And still it don't start. Again, it make a single click sound & nothing happen. Check the 10A ignition fuse and it is OK. Notice another assembly below the fuse box; open it and saw 2 nos of 30A fuse inside (this is probably the master fuse box). Remove them (1 was tight in the fuse holder but the other slide out freely). Visually check both and they are OK too. It was almost 10.30pm and decided call it a night. After putting everything together, decided to give it a crank. This time, the bike came alive... Took i
  13. 26 Mar 2018 - rode from east to NUS. For some reason, it was 35 deg C at the east and was raining like crazy at the west. Was caught in the rain along west coast flyover. Put on the raincoat and continue riding. Had a lot of side splash during the ride in the rain. It was still raining on the way back (to east) and again, along west coast flyover, it was sunny again. At Bedok, realize the bike lacks power and exhaust sound different. But was still able to make it back. 30 Mar 2018 - Tried to start the bike, it start but will die off when idling. Suspecting my plugs are wet, I took of the ta
  14. New entry for me, just to keep a log for whoever still riding this model Jan 2018 - replace my spark plugs cos one (at least) had 'kaput'. Symptom is when I give more throttle in second gear, power is not there. Had the replacement done at Ubi and change to Iridium. Mechanic confirm that 1 of the plugs was dead and he did comment that such an old bike, maybe the carburetor could kill the spark plugs prematurely. I accept this reason. Power was restore with the new plugs.
  15. Not familiar with SR300 but for the brakes, when we use the hand lever (and foot lever), beside pumping the brake fluid to the brake pads, the brake switch (electrical) is also activated, closing the circuit, allowing electricity passes thru' and light up the brake light. Really much like the light switch at home. My guess is your brake switch might be stuck in the closed position, so the brake light is permanently on.
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