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  1. Hi looking for Honda dream fairing any one knows where to get ? Been looking for it for a long long time and just bought a t100 anyone knows how to upgrade the suspension realizes it can't take fast corner
  2. From what i gather is that they have the right to remove and even cut open it
  3. I hope our authorities will be transparent abt these issue
  4. Can Lta officers come to our carpark and remove our canvas? Do they have the right to do that?
  5. Who is the BOSS? I am very new to harley
  6. Hi just got a harley too I stay on the east we can go riding too!
  7. any ideal when is the akra for softail going to be approve?
  8. Hi I am selling a Harley Dyna glide sport stock muffler in a very good condition for $300 any one interested please call or sms me 97272725
  9. Sorry bro what is Rk I am a newbie to Harley..... Brembo cyclinder izzit bought in by HKL?
  10. Bro, I hate to wait and the trouble to and fro.... I was thinking of changing the master cyclinder was wondering which is better brembo or performance machine... please advise
  11. I bought the bike second hand still under warranty for 2 months left , went down to the dealership , they say that their schdule is too tight need to leave my bike next wed. I felt that I would rather pay for the repair outside.
  12. HI I am a newbie to Harley just bought a Rocker C yesterday.....i realise that both the front and rear brakes pump is leaking , I was told that this is a common fault from the stock brake pump I was thinking of changing to any performance pump any recommendation? How about performance machine? Please advise
  13. Went to to the dealer today n was interested in the xr1200 cause it can handle really well,wonder how is the maintenance of the bike any one here riding one can give me some pointers? Love the 2010 xr1200x wonder whether this is model coming in here.
  14. Hi guys thank for the infor I have some rough ideals which model to purchase
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