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  1. .::Luminence No Plate::. Team_SHINEz is currently experimenting with electro luminence (EL) license plate. We are checking the interest of this product before we order to sell it to SBF members. It comes with LTA compliant approval letter (Only for white backlight). The price for a pair (front and back) will be $75 nett comes with all necessary wirings and switch w/o install. Those interested pls either state your interest here or pm me directly. If there are enough interest we will bring in this new product next month. Below are some pics of before and after. Backlight can b
  2. Hmm if i not wrong those from swift sports are recaro sports seat. Bucket seats are deeper than sports seats and it really holds ur butt to the seat. Sports seat more for looks. Performance wise not as good. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. Hmm seems like the topic here more on 'bucket' than 'bucket seat'. Ha Ha. i think this thread title can change to 'what can you do with a bucket seat?'. Ha Ha.
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