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  1. Your sale had been on for more than 2 years.... why don't you just put an indication price?
  2. Nevermind the plate....... THE BIKE!!!! It was already rare back in 90's, and more so now!!
  3. He changed nick and reposted the sale. Now price increase to $18K somemore. http://carousell.com/p/89834854/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Wahhhhhhh.............. Whoever buys this macham getting a new bike siahhhhhh.......
  5. Try Ace Custom. 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #01-88 Synergy @ KB, 417800. I just changed my front last week on my Low Rider and according to Tony he also have the rear from Metzeler.
  6. Heard so much negative feedbacks about the Remus... Really not worth buying seperately unless of course it comes along with the package from HDS. Other than Remus, there is other LTA compliant pipes like Akrapovic, Zard and of course Jekyll and Hyde. Anyone knows which shop sells these LTA compliant exhausts? Anyway... Frankly J&H sound is only so so, but it's popular bcos it's available with a toggle switch to open up the internal baffle for louder exhaust note, which is actually illegal.
  7. Google Outex. You can't suka suka use any sealant and DIY.
  8. Also pretty much dependent on how wide your bars are and worse off if with batwing. And I think those with forward controls will have more difficulties as opposed to mid. But it's all about knowing your bike and getting used to how it handles. Once you are confident enough u can try out during off peak hours then slowly move to busier timings.
  9. Question is.... Carb or EFi?
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