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  1. In US adidas website allow to customize. Do you provide this service? Meaning, we will customize and you will do the purchase for us and ship from US to Singapore to us. http://www.adidas.com/us/custom/_/N-1z12gjj
  2. Hi, how much it cost to fix on x1r? plus installation... please pm/text me @ 91895304... Thanks.
  3. Hi, how much it cost to fix on x1r? plus installation... please text me @ 91895304... Thanks.
  4. cannot find you leh bro. you add me ba... seach Bowen Liew

  5. Ya. Can ba. Hehe... Not very sure cos like no link to it leh. Okay lor Jordan you need den come down find me lor. Haha. Btw I do it on my yoshi pipe too. Lmao!!!
  6. That's right... All is becos he is drunk!! He already break his insurance policy Liao so they won't let you claim one. Understand?! wao!!! Now si bei alot ppl steal stuff. Luckly Jordan I got pass you some clay hor. Haha...
  7. Wao!!! I tot you selling off your bike le den now kana steal. Hmms. Will keep a lookout for you...
  8. Cannot claim his insurance. You must claim from him. If he dun want pay, you need to sue him le... Good luck bro....
  9. Why you didn't pick up my ticket?!!! Btw I also drop the wrong ticket... I drop the small part into the box. When I realise it's already tooooo lateeee... Wondering if you saw the small part inside will you pick up ?!!! ( dun tell me you never see when you pick cos I am watching you all along!!) btw great events!! Reali got the chance to meet up with my cubs club and learn new stuff from tp. Never drink drive/ride. Not onli you die. Ppl that you hit might die too!!! shld get more motor part shop to join. Cos that's where we can bring more great stuff home/on our bike... Put alot bike dere als
  10. ps... Try this again..... Hehe!!! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/album.php?albumid=857
  11. Come on we need more!!! This gonna reali make away the numb!!!
  12. His pipe nver kana but instead changing to yoshi sia!! Ytd still called me and hao lian say his yoshi nicer than mine. Got blue colour one. Haha!! Nice one bro!! Hehe!!! Btw please help to ask ard whu wanna get long old version gpr can contact him. Hehe. I never won any prize lor!! Waste my time standing dere with my injury leg!!!
  13. Okay okay. Den when you take over of chairman fazer?! Lol.
  14. lol!! Agree!! But I cfm is r6 instead... Hehe!!
  15. Haha. Bo bian leh bro. The idiot ask me dun lock my handle bar so I onli can alarm lor. If not later kana move until dunno where I also dunno sia. Haha!!
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