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  1. It's been some time since I did that transaction. You can simply go to the renewal website and try. No harm done if you decide to terminate the transaction halfway.

  2. bro i saw you said can renew COE using credit card




    do you mean renewing online via one motoring can pay by the card? because i received their notice and they said in the letter that must pay by cash or nets???


    thanks bro

  3. Spanners - Size 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, plus 1 adjustable spanner for those odd sized bolts Screwdriver - flat and philips head Pliers Allen key set Cable ties
  4. Tires and brakes are things I do not stinge on. Braking, Galfer, Brembo, EBC, Beringer, even OEM are the way to go. It's unbelievable how some riders rather invest on bling, and stretch the use of tires and brakes.
  5. Take public transport. A bike is no place for a child. Period.
  6. Not sure how it works these days, but some years back when I tried to scrap only the frame and crankcase, 5 out of 6 scrap yards only accepts complete bikes. It's really a joke that LTA says you only need to send in the frame and crankcase, but on the other hand, scrap yards are able to turn you away because of incomplete bike, and there is nothing LTA can do about it.
  7. Why don't you call LTA? They will be able to tell you what to do.
  8. No. But if you swap similar looking items, you will be able to get away with it. But no way will LTA allow for those squid looking extended drag bike swingarms to be installed, as it alters the handling characteristics of the bike.
  9. TS - not to burst your bubble, but your goal of building a bike to fit some nice shrouds sounds counter productive. To swap a different engine onto a frame not designed for it is an extremely complicated project at best. Plenty of fabrication and careful alignment of engine mounts, drive/rear sprockets alignment, electrics, etc etc And then there is the LTA factor. They will never allow such a custom bike to be registered. Of course you can choose to not let them know, but be prepared for the consequences if caught. Read about a rider in http://www.advridercom who chopped off the rear
  10. I find it very hard to believe TS can miss court letters and ignore fines. Unbelievable how lightly some of us treat such things. A small charge of $400 can balloon into such a mess. And 65c coupons can result in thousands of dollars of fines, not to mention time lost. Procrastination at it's best.
  11. The Ducati 999 has a double sided swingarm, as it's better for corners. However for the 1098, the marketing guys had it one up the engineers. Single sided swingarms simply looks way cool. Score 1 for form over function. A single sided swingarm needs to be significantly over-engineered to achieve the same level of strength and stiffness as a double sided design.
  12. Buy another set of wheels off ebay. One set shod with street tires, the other with track tires. Best of both worlds.
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