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  1. Hi.


    interested in the Fobo Bike TPMS .What color do u have in stock?

  2. Hi.


    interested in the Fobo Bike TPMS .What color do u have in stock?

  3. Hi


    I have a Jan 2012 tiger 800 for sale.

    Full accessories

    Milegue- 12760km

    Post in SG bike mart so you can view the bike

    Whatsapp me at 9616 0484 if you are keen

  4. Hi, understand fm Andre that you are looking to sell your GL1800. I'm keen and interested. Able to advise price? My contact 93874813 Ricky

  5. Dear Fellow Bikers, Have been hearing form some bike shops that TP is on the row now to catch riders using non PSB approved Helmet. Also 3 demerit point with $120 fine. We all know it is a violation under TP to use a non PSB approved Helmet but really that bad? In fact I have been searching for a reasonable good helmet for a while and budget also increase along the way to find a good and comfy one. Finally I found the SHOEI Multitec that fits me like a glove but non PSB. Bcos of the demerit point thinggy still end up buying those below $200 (Full Face) bcos they got PSB sticker.
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