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  1. Thanks bro...will pm u. Sorry for the late reply.
  2. Hi mate, thanks for the advice. Indeed...my pants will get damped. Lol
  3. Hi there...just gt myself a 12 v7 cafe racer. =)
  4. Go to a more reliable mech that can do ducati bike...eventhough the service is slightly ex but the serive make alot difference. cheers
  5. Shermster, last time I bought a 1200cc engine for my 883sportster... U need to do many things. But it is advice not to as theres series number on it. U may face the whole bike detained if get caught. Good luck.
  6. Hi Tim, 1. I'm not sure how far u travel per day. But what I can advice is 696 is not meant for often usage. FC is should be around 20+km per liter. Regular service is same as Japan bikes...but the ex part is the timing chain.($600) It is advice to change every 15000km. Please take note that the accessories n parts is not cheap. 2.transport from point A-B is fine. 3.u can custom the rack at seng kwang or any other shop... Cheers
  7. I do it at ban hock heng... They did a great job. FYI they also repairs Europe bike like BMW etc...
  8. hi guys...its ok..my bike is back... The problem is due to fuel pump connector loose. I got it tighten up and replace some hardened rubber hose and small oil filter due to wear and tear. cheers
  9. Hi all, I have riding a m620 efi model for over 1000km and 1st problem has come. Just now I was riding from woodland to tamp, it was drizzling...it was running smoothly. When I reached the petrol Kiosk...I pumped a 97, when I switch on the ignition and push the start button...the crank sound was normal but the fuel doesn't seem going in(it's like the fuel going in halfway)...I tried a few times but it doesn't work...I remove the fuel cap n start again..still it wasn't help. Could it be fuel pump relay faulty? Currently the bike was pushed back at my house n ready to tow to workshop o
  10. Hi Ardian, is your fork adjusted to the max height? If so..try to harden your rear suspension by adjusting it. This may helps a little.
  11. Hi arbdian, u can check out seng kwang, price wise is steep. Or u can look for ah being from bikes works. There's a shop right right on top of his workshop....more affordable price... Cheers
  12. Hey Ardian, theres no standard rack for it..need to custom make.. I have got myself a saddlebag...cheers
  13. sure...I heading down to motor world this thurs.. Hope to get some info..
  14. Hi all, I wil be getting an old 620ie.. Few q's I would like to ask... 1) does any m400/695/696 aftermarket exhuast able to fix on the 620ie? 2) any place I can fix side panniers /top box? Cheers
  15. Sorry i think you ask the wrong person

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