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  1. hey... are you still selling your cbr 125?

  2. Ya what 12 points knn if really gave me i gonna appeal!! The more i think the angrier i gets.. That malay policewoman damn yaya said what stolen cannot take bus ar cannot ask yr dad fetch u?? *** said what at night still ride bike wan get accident easier? KNN still curse me feel like smacking her in e face ugly ***** :angry: 12 pts ridiculous!!
  3. yup precisely! 12 pts? i din know about pts for not displaying p plate but i check it out with my friends n my uncle 1st timer only fine no demerit pt but why that malay ass gave me 12 pts??
  4. Guys kena road block just now knn some ******* stole my p plate away just no choice got to ride home without a front p plate and guess what i kena road block neat lower seletar reservoir. The malay ass policewoman gave a 120 fine and she actually said 12 demerit points for me! I tot 1st timer only fine?? WAs pissed off to the core:angry: :angry: guys why like that? I din know about e demerit pts thing until i check it out with my friends and my uncle who was an ex TP. KNN how huh..
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