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  1. Check out my item! Original Kawasaki side panniers rack (Z1000SX 2011) for S$180! https://sg.carousell.com/p/173674574 Neg. Fits original Kawasaki or Givi V35.
  2. Selling original Kawasaki pannier rack for 2011-2013 model. Check out my item! Original Kawasaki side panniers rack (Z1000SX 2011) for S$180! https://sg.carousell.com/p/173674574
  3. Dear all, may I know what is the usual fuel consumption of a Gen 2 Haya? I am thinking of switching from my VFR (18 km/l) to Haya. Also, saw quite a few bought Gen 1s. But all of them cannot be used beyond 2028...so why buy Gen 1?
  4. Sigh, so sad to receive the NEA letter. Can no longer keep the Gen 5. Max till 2028. Anyone, has a Gen 5 that's registered after Jul 2003? Let me know!
  5. https://sg.carousell.com/p/166893506 Honda Ver S for sale at.....$9000! Ok before you discount this bike due to the price, this is why I price it at $9000. If you deregister this bike before 2023, LTA will give u $3500 under the new scheme (i have already receive the letter). Regardless of condition etc. Next, i renewed the COE last year, so the remaining COE is $5833. This remaining COE will be available as a rebate, which you can use to offset another COE or cash it out in cash. Which means if you buy my bike now at $9000 and deregister immediately, you will be paid $9083 by LTA.
  6. How do you know it's short circuit? If it's short circuit, your fuse will blow. Try push start your bike. Can it start and function normally? If yes, then the fault is only in the starting circuit. Then check of change your battery. If battery seems ok, most likely it's the engine start switch at the right side of handlebar, or something wrong with your sparkplugs, sparkplug coil or starter motor.
  7. Selling price: $40. Self collect at ang mo kio. Used for 6 months. Condition 8/10. Comes with base plate and mounting bolts. No rack. Can fit 2 open face helmet. See photos at carousell: https://carousell.com/p/112221992 Contact me at 9 4 7 9 0 4 three 7
  8. Fazer = maybe, Z1000 = definitely not. Naked bikes suck on NSHW without the wind protection.
  9. My 5th gen hit 320 before reserve, and it's my only transport too. To be frank I am confident of 400 km for the whole tank but don't wanna risk it. Reason NOT to get? Adding boxes to VFR kinda makes them not so good looking. Even the OEM side panniers (IMHO).
  10. Is it called Berjaya Hills? Colmar Tropicale? 4.5 hours can reach ah? Near Genting...
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