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  1. Donny ar Donny !!! Hope we sell together !! LOL
  2. go down to a bike shop and tell them the problem. most likely is batt weak. changing cost $30-50. =)
  3. Lol. Not brave. too lazy to go take haha. your paint work and accessories almost the same as mine almost twins. cheers to that.
  4. i've got my friends defensive riding cert if you want to scan and edit it. haha. Used to use it when booking in.
  5. comfirm want to chop you. i bought mine including insurance for 4.2 only.
  6. so the price is with installations ? =) looking for the rx1n black background one. haha.
  7. buy frm jb.. how much they selling and where is it located ? =)
  8. koso digi meter eh !!! damn ex stuff. i asking my friend to get for me in canada. don't know he will buy not. haha.
  9. haha. i enlisted on that day too but its 2 years ago. all the best bro !
  10. bro. can try kok seng motor located at malaysia lorong bapok. pressing of fork 90RM but have to go in the afternoon. down fork 30RM. just got my fork downed at there yesterday wanted to press but too late already.
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