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  1. Wow thanks for the information... 1000k a bit too much for me... now I reach 300km already...been riding ard 60-70 Kmh without any dragging of gears... I feel like changing it to semi syn oil once I reach 400 km and start riding it at ard 80kmh without any dragging of gears until it reaches 800km ... after which will change to fully syn and start dragging and consider running in done...
  2. hi bro, just wanted to check with you a few things... did you do a running in of your bike? if yes how fast did you rode? By how many kms did you 1st change your EO? and what EO you used ? Whats your idling rpm?... mine is almost 1.7k... i may want to adjust it lower to maybe 1k when i do the first oil change.. thanks for the help... im quite a noob...
  3. Just got mine today from dexing got for 10.3k without insurance and no free top box I paid additional 150 for a kappa 49l box and rack, interest 4% annum... I got no early penalty or insurance must buy from him cos I long term customer with him coe at 4.9k... my insurance 3rd party fire and theft is $260. Just for reference to other people who might be interested to get this bike... can talk to Patrick the boss and strike a deal among yourselves on the terms and conditions.
  4. Hi bros can let me know where you guys bought it and how much is it? Kind of interested in this bike
  5. hi bro,


    jus wan to chk where u bought ur alpine star jacket? n how long u owned it?



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