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  1. My bike http://bp0.blogger.com/_nco69fCOqSk/R7k9-QLUTjI/AAAAAAAAAV4/cioe4e-h2VQ/s320/CIMG1507.JPG http://bp0.blogger.com/_nco69fCOqSk/R7k9zQLUTiI/AAAAAAAAAVw/qyUo6-XSkSQ/s320/CIMG1508.JPG http://bp1.blogger.com/_nco69fCOqSk/R7k9TgLUThI/AAAAAAAAAVo/EjbpYfGPbis/s320/CIMG1509.JPG http://bp2.blogger.com/_nco69fCOqSk/R7k8_wLUTgI/AAAAAAAAAVg/uycVmN3x6xQ/s320/CIMG1510.JPG http://bp0.blogger.com/_nco69fCOqSk/R7k7dQLUTfI/AAAAAAAAAVY/xZ75LsQD04I/s320/CIMG1511.JPG My new toy a blata orgami replica
  2. 100% his fault.... anyway settled liao... took $300, since i don't play nowadays...
  3. sadz man... now my GPR exhaust dented liao... kena knocked by a vios, exhaust dented, slider scratches, handle grip and clutch lever scratch... Paid me $300...
  4. oh yeah almost forgot... happy lunar new year everyone....
  5. woooo bro steady lar another GPR exhaust on bandit... post a pic when u get the chance... u got the carbon fibre or titanium version?
  6. Hmm RXK can consider as vintage meh... Many ah peks still riding it now...
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