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  1. Hi

    Were u the one selling the Fox gloves?

  2. For me i start my bike and let it run for 5-10 mins when I'm not using on the particular day. Mainstand+Gear 1+Ezzyoiler. It keeps EO in proper condition instead of becoming sludge form. Charge up the battery with the running engine. The chain oiling keeps the chain lubricated. So far engine never fail me when I start it. I also keep my bike covered so water doesn't go anywhere inside.
  3. @randomconnection u found the screw? I think I found it.
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]210659[/ATTACH] Sample of how some people remind about parking.
  5. Can open the seat and see for urself... Can't remember. I think u Yuasa should be plus minus 50? If water in carb then u got get it cleaned. Not easy job if u dunno how so better get workshop to do to save the hassle.
  6. I did had such a problem when I was on stock battery from factory. Didn't even lasted a year. If ur still on stock battery might as well change it. Get a good brand. I always trust Yuasa even though more expensive but can last and store voltage well. The last time I changed too bad no stock so I took Shinco. It's still good. I will not go for GPR due to personal experience. Price wise very cheap but Voltage not good. Dunno how the battery pass QC.
  7. Check ur battery voltage? Is it time for service?
  8. Better get a reputable workshop to check before small problem become BIG. Than cost more money.
  9. Could it be from the exhaust area? Metal expansion due to heat. That one common. Ur bike new? Almost 3000km... Did u do ur run in servicing? If u did not that's mean ur running on mineral oil for almost 3k. That will be very bad for ur engine plus the particles from the running in...
  10. U need a bomb disposal service... lol... I have no idea at all. Never notice that.
  11. Check with Helmetboys or those saddlery shops.
  12. Attractive pricing. Guess high profit when it's not on sale. Do remember to check whether tyres old stock when buying...
  13. His main problem will be the fellow going around cutting the seats.
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