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  1. Wah, however I heard that even if regular, also might not post you into TP right? I think lucky lucky then automatic post you to the TP HQ or else they'll post you to the nearby NPC only.
  2. Wa serious bo?! Jialat leh.. Tell sergeant you now undergoing treatment, maybe can geng through. MAYBE idk :/ Of course scared la bro. However it's more like a protection mah, like got people point middle finger or etc when you're on the road. Then bring him to the side and show warrant! HEH! anyway, how to become ROV / TP ah? Quite interested.
  3. Same same ah?! LOL! Now I'm afraid that they'll throw me into CD for a minor tattoo only.
  4. It's the warrant card which I want mah. hee. Not that I will anyhow flash but its more like a "protection" from idiots ah. heh.
  5. Aiyo, the oath when you go swore infront of your OC and the SG flag all forget liao ah? hehehehe! What is the last few words?
  6. Not chio, want to have attention. Sibei jialat... Anyway glad to hear that nothing is gonna happen to you TS!
  7. ATEC everytime do concertina (CON) wire and more conwire. ups for you la. everytime outfield = conwire + chocolate bar.
  8. I'll be enlisting on the 15th of March 2011.. Got a name tattoo on my wrist ah, so most probably will kena throw to SCDF?! its red in colour and going thru laser treatments now..
  9. My HJC got no PCB sticker leh, only got TUV sticker.
  10. indeed scary when the ghost replied "Im here.." liew...
  11. I totally don't know got cigarillos. Only know that all of them looks the same, hehe. The cigar shop at Suntec is still selling right? Or may I know where can I get some? Just to ask also ah, I normally buy is montecristo, any other brand to recommend? paiseh ask so much. hehehe.
  12. Saw one of this at Jurong West Avenue 1 near the old KFC there (now change to kopitiam liao). Yellow colour. Looks not bad, but like weird leh, how to squeeze through the traffic? Kinda defeats the purpose if the rider is met with a jam.
  13. SAF helmet no cushioning leh, kena accident then head down first = our head crack liao. Furthermore the purpose is to tahan a bullet, not a fall. Maybe you go try put some additional cushioning to it then try go approve it
  14. ROV got more authority than LTA? They can catch speeding also right? Cause I kena TP saying Careless Riding - 8pts + $. But not on the spot though, kena letter.
  15. I totally lost, thats why. LOL! What I could recommend to TS is to go ask those motordiam first and see what will they do if this was in their shoes. After getting a few feedback, then maybe you can choose to settle it out in or out of court lor. I think this might work.
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