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  1. Nice trip and Food tonite. But Had a aftermath while washing bike haha Hope to have a Kulai trip soon
  2. If all are punctual and we depart by 1915hr, we'll make it there by 2000hr if you follow my speed and no mishaps along the way. Headcount. 1) Scoobydoo 2) Paithorn only 3) Bigcow 4) Scarab 5) Sensible 6) Sensible gf 7) Evilmugen Updated Head Count at 08-Jan-2009 2100hrs (9pm)
  3. I can already smell the RIBS from Kulai and Chendol from malacca
  4. Next time can order more chicken wing, i bring a bigger tank along haha:cheeky:
  5. Nice to meet u all. To those who attended the trip today. The Ride, Food and TCSS session was great. Been a long time since i ride in MY. Best of all, Had a Great Spa for my bike =) My Bike wash was really worth tipping them for their hard work. Looking forward to lesiure short trips malacca Regards to All Ah Boon
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