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  1. Good day all, Have an under utilized R1 08 for sale. Bike is Matt blue and black and COE is until Aug 2018. Bike also comes with multiple accessories: 1) Akra Street Leage exhaust (Stock will also handed over) 2) Brembo RCS19 3) Rizoma Brake Fluid Reservoir 4) Voltmeter 5) Gear Indicator 6) Zero Gravity Windscreen 7) Motivation Balancers 8) New Pirelli Tyres (less then 500km on it) 9) Nice Registration Number (Subjective) 10) Recently Serviced at Bikewerkz Viewing can be arranged at Telok Blangah Drive. I am contactable at 91767932. Price is negotiable during viewing if ke
  2. I don't think termi is legal for any duc..
  3. Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a 1100 EVO. Any riders out there would like to give your input? I have read lots of reviews online but would rather listen to local riders. I do see the improvements between the older 1100. Dtc, abs, proclaimed 100bhp etc. Quite dissapointed with the wet clutch though. How does bike fare overall against the older 1100 models? Am looking for a used streetfighter but it has been hard to chance upon. Guess I'll settle for a monster then :thumbup:
  4. will never go there to do my bike. they will try to carrot you in every way possible. terrible..
  5. bro or you can try the mjs midpipe. if i'm not wrong, its dimensions are the same as the stock ones so you need not worry.
  6. epk

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    gps for sale! price neg http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/312441-WTS-New-and-Unused-GPS-for-sale-%28CHEAP%29 cheers
  7. gps for sale! price neg http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/312441-WTS-New-and-Unused-GPS-for-sale-%28CHEAP%29 cheers
  8. what about desire z? the cheaper one. am thinking of getting that. any bros here using?
  9. just last week i parked there for about 2 hours, was expecting to be charged for parking. but no leh, it came out $0.00.
  10. Oh. So now I know why my pickup is so slow. Maybe its because my stomach is tong, done by the previous owner. Thanks YEN96 and Valarie for the info.
  11. wah you went there alone? haha. my friends just went there like 3 days ago. they eat like no tomorrow like that. chiong the rootbeer floats and ice cream waffles until like mad. come back hear their stories my saliva also drool. haha. and Valarie, why never see you in jb already!!!!
  12. see you on the road man! another new kr rider. that time i kena same thing before. this time was a mac rider. riding a spark i think. gave me the shock of my life. my whole body literally shake cause i got a shock when he zoomed past me so close. no idea why they like to do stupid thing like this.
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