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  1. 1. SparkerS1 / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 2. Valarie / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 3. adesmond2 / Desmond / East / PM me / -NIL- 4. RainKR / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 5. freely / suetz / sengkang / pm will be better / [email protected] 6. fireshamie / shamie / West / --private-- / --private-- 7. Nexonn / Benjamin / East / -- Private- / [email protected] 8.RwaN / Ridhwan / Sembawang / --ask me!!!--/ [email protected] 9. VicEd- / Vic / Tampines / --private-- / [email protected] 10. skier17 / Erwin / North / PM me / [email protected]
  2. valarie cancel the to JB cause there having jam...
  3. erm... i think is the piston hole there the bearing.... btw anyone going JB??? or contacts? valarie?
  4. guys i fixed my problem.... thanks Valarie and other for the guide...
  5. manz.... how i wish i faster can take 2A... i want a m400.... but need to find those good condition.... but guys the price range is about how much?
  6. which engine oil is suit to our KR? how much izzit?
  7. no one know is royal purple 2T is good or not?
  8. guys... is royal purple 2T good? i just brought it and use...
  9. same same.... i let them pass somemore is not good to smell 2T smoke too much.... but sometime car do disturb bike rider... cut into your lane and force u out of the lane... i notice some car do this...
  10. bro... u got make kawasaki Kr150 de or not?
  11. add me into the A&W outings... but i scare i can;t wake up in time... lolx sparker i pm u my number... sorry u pm me a few time liao i dun know got wor.... i disable the pop up blocker then can see.... lolx
  12. gathering to A&W at 2nd link there? i dun know how to go wor... if really got this outing i sure go... never eat before A&W... lolx
  13. hi newbie... just let u know not all 2stroke are problematic... i dun know la.. but here's mine KR.... when riding rpm over 7k which is 120km/hrs.... Fc will drop full tank can go 230km then reserve.... if u ride below 6rpm 100km/hrs or below... full tank can go up to 300km before reserve... 2T i only need to top 2 month 1 bottle... for the 2T part i dun know... cause many told me will piston jam cause my 2t intake is so small.... but i not hardcore rider.. ride till redzone there so no worry... full service at JB cost me $40SGD.... and piston all in good condition.... EO and Plugs just cha
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