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  1. omg.. went for my first pract.. totally became "gan jiong spider" on the bike la.. had to redo pract 1... savvveee me.... loll
  2. lol bro.. might not one time pass mah.. sure can meet one..
  3. okay guys.. just enrolled today. Going to attend theory lessons tomorrow night and wednesday's nite. My first pract on friday at 320. Anyone doing that?
  4. Hi all. Received a helmet from Vincekam(seen in pg 88). But only recently I tried it on. Found it to be too tight for me. So I asked Vince if he wants it back his reply was to see if anyone wants it or not.. So guys, if anyone wants a M size OF helmet with PSB sticker, do let me know. So now, if anyone have a L size helmet OF with PSB approved sticker, do let me know how much u letting it go at. Thanks! Once again, Thanks Vince for your kind gesture. And Happy CNY to all!
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