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  1. Apparently there are a lot of "rich attas" people buying premium bikes for leisure rides nowadays. Just like these few years suddenly got alot of sports cyclist ride on the roads.
  2. Just like last time $1 coe for motorcycles will never happen again.
  3. I had similar problem with my old fazer 6. Planet motor found out that it was due to old wiring problems to the red cut off button at the handle bar. They rewire to bypass the button and problem solved. Alternatively can order a new set but cost a lot.
  4. Dropped my bike today while doing a 3 point turn at carpark. luckily saved by the sliders no damage.
  5. Yah drinks slightly more petrol. I get around 18-19km/L. My fz6 gets 19-20km/L and the tank is smaller also around 220km reserve tank liao. Accelerates better than fz6 for sure and no need to rev. Cruising at 100km/h around 4200rpm on 6th gear. But if rev past 6000rpm will become quite scary.
  6. I traded in my 10yr old fz6 for a fazer 8 as well in 2014. So far quite happy with fazer 8 on sg roads.
  7. Yah choy choy choy. But now a bit paranoid about riding liao. Scenes of final destination movies keep popping up in my mind. 😱
  8. My sister told me this morning she dreamt that i met with a fatal bike accident next month.
  9. I think can be used for defensive riding course in driving center also.
  10. Need an air con helmet and air con jacket for riding in this 35c afternoon heat. Even the wind blow is hot air.
  11. Mine is tpft. But in both cases still loose money Loh. Just which option loose less money only. Even if culprit is caught also won't get compensation one.
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