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  1. Accessories included are high wind screen, suspensions are new not used. Rack and givi box. Pls contact me at 86842618
  2. Good day, I have a PCX 150 2018 Non Abs ver for sales. Road Tax till 2019 25th May. Current mileage for the bike is 12k plus and counting. No falls for this bike, she has served me well. Petrol 1 litre 45-52km depending on your style and where you ride her. I cant post pictures for some reasons, pls pass me ur number for more info. No more installments. Selling price:$9238 Reason for selling: upgrading to PCX 150 Abs Thank you for viewing my sales.
  3. Dudes, Leo Vince Pipe power wor. Haha... =) attached my CF pipe last month it's sooooooo light, compaired to the stock one. Well been riding the DCT around town due to work, most of the time I switch on the sport mode give u better response and great power. This bike saved me couple of time due to the ABS I am extermly glad to add on an ABS riding experenice. Those out there who are deciding if this is the ride, this ride is not for the faint hearted =) Woots
  4. Bro.. What you wanna sell me.. Your link broken.

  5. Do add me up at [email protected] at facebook to buy other stuffs, Iphone accessories, cam, and other stuffs
  6. When When I wana go haha... Bukit Panjang Riders =)
  7. Hi Guys, I wish to thank everyone who supported me in the past and now, I wish to show my awesomeness to you guys again too. Mini DV DVR Sports Video Camera with 2GB TF Card foe SBT members will be going for $30. On top of that if u have and Iphone 4 I will be giving you a bumper case for Free of ur choice of colour( While stock last ar, please forgive me if FOC items are out of stock) Thank you Gennosukes. =) for the intro
  8. Thank You Uncle MJ for the Short Clips, My next shipment will arrival earliest this Sunday, I have brought another Vid Cam model in a Small touch light shape. This model is for Cars and etc, will post up the price after I have recieve the goods. Chat with you guys soon. Cheers and Ride safe
  9. Revhappy: thanks for ur kind words Yeah bike alittle too much power, think in sg roads I use only 50%only
  10. Revhappy: thanks for ur kind words Yeah bike alittle too much power, think in sg roads I use only 50%only
  11. Thanks Gaban for the Vid, awesome places that u have shown =)
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