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  1. rekcams

    Honda PCX 150

    I have 1. U WhatsApp me 88222488? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi bro. U selling ur dyno jet kit is it? I'm keen

  3. Yo. Been busy for mths. How r u all sia. U all know Wher can get header? I wan change full system.. Price ard how much
  4. bro justin.. oic.. just normal situation usually ba.. each deal at any shops/etc u will feel unhappy abt after which others tell u differnt point of view.. cuz we dunno much abt the bike conditions itself.. if u feel upset tat he chop u i will feel abit not nice oso cuz i know them ma.. i trust both of u leh.. if he cheat u reflect very bad on him to mi leh.. cuz i dun think he so stupid do such things sia.. spoil his own business.. although i was not there through the whole picture.. wat i know was the bike is totally make over for as u can see its was only with the frame when u saw it..
  5. bro. wat happen to ur bike? ok anot? share? actually from wat i know is sionbazard buy a kr ,myself a spec2 , inyuki aka chris friend buy a cbr and my 2 sch friends also buy 2 spec 1 and my sec sch friend buy a cbr from them did not faced alot of issue... wat is the actual trouble tat bother u and unhappy abt? maybe u can tell mi i ask and tok to them.. cuz i am a middle man and i can only be there to see wat happen but cant made more comment for both of u.. hope u understand.. i believe that valarie/explain share abt ur bike condition and he will be the best man for u to stand up tok
  6. U using leo vince? care to join cb400 leo vince thread?

  7. hi,


    i saw your post saying u got ur volt meter + installation for only 35. can i see the pictures and more information on that? thanks.

  8. bro u fix the digital voltmeter plus installation 35 at where ah?PM ME

  9. rekcams

    ooo/. i saw the the spider kr 1 or 2 nights in jb.. hmmm.. at tpy centre oso... waa.. dunno tat group of kr are you all.. waaa.. sian.. sad
  10. (1) SBF KRR Fighters No. Nickname / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 1. Valarie / Hassan Nadiah / Yishun-Telok Blangah / HP Number / [email protected] 2. adesmond2 / Desmond / East / PM me / -NIL- 3. atrophy/ Gerard/East/nil/ [email protected] 4. RainKR / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 5. freely / suetz / sengkang / pm will be better / [email protected] 6. fireshamie / shamie / West / --private-- / --private-- 7. Nexonn / Benjamin / East / -- Private- / [email protected] 8. RwaN / Ridhwan / Sembawang / --ask me!!!--/ [email protected] 9. Vi
  11. heyhey.. i can join u all in outing but but must tell mi early in advance.. valaire tks for ur call tat time but too last mins le.. hmmm wat no. are u all tok about/? ...
  12. wrking leh.. hmmmm ... Valarie wher u stay.. catch up in the night anyday huh? lol.. wan learn more leh..
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