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  1. U r going to drag the case right?

  2. samm.. okay need to go already. "talk rooster and sing karaoke" with you next time.
  3. cannot cannot.. the grass stepped by so many people and pets, dirty..
  4. since already there, might as well pump petrol..
  5. liew.. gave you number but never take down.. yours still in my phone.. answer to your 4th question.. i would just ask my friends, who are staying at mcca, to go and help you.
  6. yeah... but carrot and vege also not cheap, have to import from overseas..
  7. i've given you my number through pm the other time, if you can remember
  8. okay.. (just when i needed money most to repair my bike )
  9. am okay, only heart pain when see my "pet bunny" not in good shape..
  10. samm... why you stole screws?... i can give you some if you really so desperate for it..
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