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  1. https://sg.carousell.com/p/ducati-999-biposto-254213595/?t-id=1813236_1592626600736&t-referrer_browse_type=categories&t-referrer_category_id=1592&t-referrer_request_id=H3y70QIszB6vnf_x&t-referrer_sort_by=popular&t-tap_index=3
  2. Cool Glad it was a positive outcome
  3. thanks coolcat but it seems that the link is no longer working. will try to google for it. Have they undertaken such a job before? you don't seem to have much faith in them..lol .I'd rather have the Servo assist removed but retaining the ABS as I feel it would benefit the majority of average riders in less than ideal situations. How much does it cost for the conversion? I read in some forums where the opposite happened and cause the wheels to lock up resulting in crashes instead of being left with residual braking. Either way its just as bad.
  4. Cool! Was it a difficult job? One mechanic I spoke to said its linked to the ABS system and sounded complex to modify. Do you mind sharing which shop can perform this job and the cost? Thanks.
  5. RT

    Ducati Riders

    The one that got away?:cry:oh brother.. Tot you were selling your bike to take over the SPS. Well, you could have made an agreement but that's water under the bridge now. There are still other SPSs around but you need to wait for them to turn up in the market which is hardly. Another thing you could do is spread the word around, check with Minerva or other bike shops for lobang for the particular model you are eyeing or posting in the wanted section of the Classifieds might help too. The 998R is one bike which is rare here and hopefully they will not be exported out of the country which is
  6. RT

    Ducati Riders

    Be careful, ride safe and always expect the unexpected! In situation like this, it does not pay although we have the right of way. Perhaps your SS is jealous and throwing a tantrum for not bringinig her out often enough now that you've got the Diavel in your stable. LOL So you finally got yourself the SPS?
  7. which model year for the 900SS , pre '99? through Mike?
  8. Yes they do. Did you get the bike less than a month ago? saw one for sale in one of the classifieds.
  9. RT

    Ducati Riders

    Hey, what happened to your SS?
  10. hi

    I still trying to load the maps without success...:(

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