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  1. Hello there, ride SP is it?

  2. Hello.......long time no contact,,,,cheers

  3. hey there..senyap jek

  4. hi there slamat hari raye

  5. Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin kalau tersinggung perasaan atau dan yang lain2

  6. Hi, Hari Raya is coming, are yuo ready, lol

  7. Hi, how are u doing, Hari Raya is coming round the corner, so u done yr preparations, cheers

  8. still riding?

  9. hey..we use to be in same school..text me..82532968..alot of catchup to do..zack

  10. Thanks Awin and Chuckie68!:)

  11. hey there,


    You live near bishan is it?

  12. btw i pn ride SP last time...:)

  13. hi blh knl2?

    sori so straight forward...:cheeky:

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