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  1. Anyone knows where I can get Jekill and Hyde exhaust? And the cost if you could?
  2. Hi, could you pm me the details for HD48 downpayment and installment plans?
  3. Hi...I'm interested in the 48. Can pm me the details for a new 48? Any promo like the 72?
  4. Thanks for the input. Anyone riding a 48?
  5. Hi guys, do u guys think it's better for a newbie to get a second hand sportster to try out?
  6. any mbx owners pls PM me, we organise an outing or exchange maintenance tips or just TC....
  7. any outing guys? staying yishun ring.... oh ya....if any of you riding along yishun ring at night,in front of the school, please dont test machine....it always awake my baby boy....
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