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  1. yup. better to stick with the original if you cant find an approved one.
  2. What is it like in Singapore ? (Of course we love to fine rich people who do not follow the law, lol, kidding) Do you Harley owners ride with non LTA approved exhausts ? (my fren did it before) Is the risk to get caught and fined high ? (Yes, he got caught and paid $700 fine. If im not wrong2nd time would be $1500) does this happen often ? (i guess it depends on ur luck) Do you replace pipe when going to inspection ? (if its illegal, u definitely cant send for inspection with it) Do you ride with LTA approved (I'm unable to find one for my 2015' Sport, apparently i'ts discontinu
  3. I'm not sure if he does it but I trust AC motors for any scooter issues. His contact is 90220203. Call him and see if he can check your bike.
  4. You can just buy those set from the cheapsale shops or hardware stores. It costs about $6.90 or so and the triwing piece will definitely fit.
  5. some people will enquire about the bike and ask if loan available. so he is just making it clear there is no loan from him and if buyer needs a loan, he/she should look for a reloan. for your case, you are paying full cash so doesnt affect you.
  6. Lol. You’ll drop once; and learn from it. But ST and NC are totally different in power.
  7. Just needs getting used to. Can never understand people who do not want a bike due to the weight. Fact is, many people small and big have ridden the bike successfully and safely. So really, the first time i rode a heavy bike, it was st11 and i got used to it in 2 days. but right now, most st11s are being forced to be scrapped due to the NEA ruling, so many better for you to consider other bikes.
  8. Excellent condition with tons of practical accessories. Mine is the cheapest with all the accessories and in excellent condition. Viewing at hougang. Thank you. $19900. All cash. No cheque, no money transfer. Cash deal only. Thank you. egistered on Aug 2015. Mileage at 56000km Accessories: Original Honda main stand, Givi side box rack, IU leather cover, Rear aluminium mudflap, Bigger and thicker windshield, Windshield deflector, Dual camera, Front fender extenda, Koso look white LED voltmeter, Handguard with white LED for greater visibility, Handlebar switch, Givi
  9. I will not choose anything other than bridgestone. They can wear off fast but its the best grip. Shocks you can get hyperpro from motoworld.
  10. I still visit till today and still love it. He doesnt cheat n can be super nonsensical. Try him and let us know what u think.
  11. Go to carousel and search for tachnicolour
  12. Lots of practical and aesthetically pleasing accessories. Very well maintained and always taken care off. Bike registered in 2015 and COE is till Aug 2025, mileage is at 45000km. Come view and decide. I do not know where to get loan, cash deal only. Thank you. Willing to trade with Silverwing and top up from your side. $23500, contact me at 81392255.
  13. yup, just removing the battery wont affect any settings. you have to press some buttons in certain ways for the ECU to have any effect.
  14. May be you should stick to Stebel snail horns or the twin tones. These are legal and slightly smaller and should be easier to be fitted on your bike.
  15. I think this is really tricky to answer without pics. Like eg, does the screw hole allows the broken part to go through it?
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