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  1. bro just realized my inbox was full, pls PM me again. sorry for the trouble.

  2. its four long stacks fully identical to Factory pro, its not factory pro ones, its customed out from the same material, so it cost lower.

  3. whoa more than 10... not bad leh... wat bout other models; eg zx9/zx7/srad750 of the mid-90's.... got see any of it on sg roads ? i think the cbr9 is still a budget bike for many... 1 full tank can get 280km-300km if gentle on the throttle... i dont see that in EFI bikes anymore today... hehe
  4. dats the problem.. sg ppl all want new bike cos its affordable. i dont know how many left in sg, but should be very very few (not inclusive of those sg bikes sold over to msia n ridden by msians) wild guess; maybe about 10 units left in sg ? in this forum i've only seen like another 4-5 people thru these years (in this forum but not in the CBR9 thread)
  5. hehe now left LinW n me nia... all the other blader sold off bike/MIA
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