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  1. hi, i saw your post regarding the FZ1-S rear seat cover. is it still available? and can you direct me to the bro who fabricate himself the sport scoop? thanks

  2. Not me. Haha . Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  3. A meet up sounds great bro!i got your number ald. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  4. I would say less than 30. Just a wild guess. Haha. Usually the thread gets alive when an itchy backside guy buys a piece of history. And i happened to be the guy recently. Haha. We should have a get toegther soon! Would be quite a sight to see all the old but gold machines together. Ping me or put your number here and we can set up a chatgroup. Or there is ald 1 that i dunno of? Cheers.
  5. Which one of u is in the RSN? haha
  6. hey steven, u still have that dakar fairing up for grabs?? yea.. slowly restoring her up to her former glory.. hah.. Talking about exhaust i thought the arrow's and gpr's are legal? u can probably get it online and ask the shop to fix it up for u. from my knowledge for inspection u just need the authorisation letter from a workshop to say that it was "bought" and installed there; provided the model is ald LTA approved. I was lucky when i got the bike it came with a stan tune exhaust. previous owner told me it is "inspection friendly". well i will know come sept! haha.
  7. Unfortunately i lack the time to DIY so i let the shop handle the jobs. But i monitor the works closely. For the tank u can use those platic shine sprays. I tried and they last a good few months. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  8. anyway i was wondering if the dommie community in Singapore is still alive.. haha..
  9. Just finished rigging up the Acerbis plastic tank. What is it that needs renewing???? Got a leaky head as well, so ordered a new set of gaskets for the whole engine(might as well) and 4 tappet covers (looks rounded off). Squeaky sound from the rear. took the shocks off to rebuild and put it back on, still squeaky so ordered a new bunch of needle bearings for the swingarm as well as the rear suspension linkage area. Shift lever seal busted and leaking oil. WAS suppose to be a simple job but the previous owner welded the lever to the spline. so now i have to slowly and carefully grind it
  10. The R1 rear shocks are not interchangeable because the rear swingarm is different. The front however can be swapped directly,together with the radial mount callipers. Damm miss the FZ1~! Speaking of which, i still have the OEM rear shock for FZ1. i swapped it out for an Ohlins, no leaks. If anyone wants to get it from me PM me. for a fee of course.
  11. Considering any FH plates available. Please PM me, thanks!
  12. Found one thanks to Stim. Now the rebuild project begins.. :clap:
  13. Looking for a Dommie. Let me know if u have one to sell! Thanks!
  14. The Godfather is retiring?? NOOOOOO~~~~~
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