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  1. Hi bro,


    Do you do aluminium weld? I need help to weld a broken aluminium bar to a baby stroller. Please PM me. My username is mambo



  2. I still hv some balance plastic washer -Size M5, M6, M8 and maybe hv M10 (need to check) Material : nylon, colour a bit light yellow. If interested PM me or sms me at 9797 8344
  3. HI bro .. i have some screws which are rounded and i wish to weld a metal to it to remove the screws.. i believ should be a simple enough job. Can i have your contact or maybe just sms me straight after 12pm.. 96233426 gilbert CHeers!

  4. Pls sms me at 9797 8344

  5. bro what rxk stuff u have ?

  6. Cost of Servicing will depend where u send it for servicing? Agent excellent service --- High price Small workshop -- limited service but cheap Middle size workshop - price cheaper than agent but hv addition service such as clean here and there + check here & there. "black smoke emission" not a issue as long u dont buy those cheap diesel and wash ur exhaust at every service and b4 inspection.
  7. me own a 1995 Renault Kangoo 1.5T euro3 engine. Full tank about 40L can easily get 800+km b4 reserve. Max i can get is 850km..
  8. hi Mr. Lim, this sat morning hv battery re-con session? I'm interested to join too..What is the time??
  9. Someone want ur bike...report to police first...
  10. Hi XJR Owner, I got a spare Yamaha Original Oil Filter, Part No. 5GH-13440-00. Selling at S$15 (Retail price S$19) Layup my bike, so would be using it till next year. Pls PM or SMS me at 9797 8344, if u r interested. My Location Kaki Bukit (East Side of Singapore)
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