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  1. Can check Harley's Facebook. I think 54 bikes going with police escort.
  2. Can upgrade to 1250 now. It's a bolt on cylinders with piston and rings. Plenty of infor at: http://www.xlforum.net
  3. FYI. Tomorrow Discovery Channel(422) 11pm. Series about a motorcycle group. Not Sons of Anarchy.
  4. My brother owns a Maserati and belongs to the Exotic Car Club. They do have convoy rides like us. It's more like a show off parade. I been to one of their event. The exhausts of some of the Ferraries and Lambos are much louder than our pipes. My brother said that they don't get hassled by the TP or LTA. He has not heard of any of their members getting stop by LTA or TP. Don't know if LTA 11 ever stop any fancy cars or it just us.
  5. Saw a LTA officer riding in a mscp yesterday when I was driving out. Beside me there's another Harley parked in the same carpark but we have since changed to stock pipes. Hopefully he's not looking for us. Might not be safe even if you don't ride.
  6. I got caught a few years back on PIE before Steven Road exit and kena $500.I've been avoiding expressway since. Changed back to stock pipes few weeks back, too stressful to be looking over my shoulders all the time. Yesterday I was riding on PIE, saw a LTA waiting at the same spot, he was staring at me all the time, felt good. I think I kena caught Sunday with another Harley bro for speeding on our way to Handlebar, waiting for the ticket. ****.
  7. Sorry forgot to add. I spoke to a rider when changing my pipes. He got caught and fined $500, he went to see his MP and got a $300 discount. So go see your MP if caught.
  8. Just changed back to stock pipes after years riding with screaming eagles. Got caught once few years back can't afford to get caught again. Sad but relieved after changing. Not worth the stress to be looking over your shoulders everytime. It's a joy to ride my Harley before, not anymore. Once you change to the 'real' pipes you are in the radar of LTA. We buy Harley for the sound and all these years HDS did not come to some compromise with LTA. I guess they don't care since we are the one paying the fine, they just sell the bikes. So potential Harley buyers, think carefully, if you want to ride
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