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  1. For some Class2, there are low-seat aftermarket options. Perhaps you can do a search for them when considering which bike to purchase. Good example is BMW GS, there are even custom low-seat heights.
  2. have been riding with spectacles for years! its inconvenient but nothing escapes your eyes. I do recommend you get a transition lens, or even consider helmet shades. THere is no better alternative especially if you have astigmatism.
  3. You only pay for $25 which is the price for EACH circuit practical lesson. No rental as this is circuit riding. Rental cost only applicable for TP test.
  4. Hi fellow bmw owners, can recommend shop to purchase battlelax tires?
  5. Fellow rider here, there is no way to convince people to believe in what you do. This is your life and take control of it!
  6. great info, good for other bikers to start their research if they wish to do rental
  7. Chanced upon this link when reading on motorcycle dot com, decided to share here for other bike riders. Ride safe pals. http://www.motorcycle.com/top10/top-10-things-to-check-before-you-ride.html
  8. Hi Shaiek, i believe other posters may have shared some good advice to you, mainly covering budget and also the main purpose of the bike. I would also like to share some fair considerations i have when purchasing my bike when i passed my Class 2 couple years back. Apart from budget, and also purpose, i want to point our further that whether you like to do customizations or modding to your bike as compared to a stock bike. Purchasing brake levers, footrests, or even exhaust pipes all costs additional money and you have to factor these into the cost when deciding to buy your bike. A japanese mak
  9. im also looking for one, preferably leather IU cover for slim unit. Appreciate for other posters to share. thanks
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