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  1. i crack the casing when reverse and hit the pole wonder how much it will cost if the cover can be replace
  2. as above, where can i look for right rear brake light cover for my honda jazz GD model? mine is not the LED pattern brake light. thank
  3. currently using Samsung netbk N150 with 2gb ram. problem is i find the netbk rather lagging when i compare with my friend lg netbk with only 1gb ram. what is wrong with my netbk! most of the program are default, i didnt install much program yet.
  4. would like to know, how much will it cost to be OTR? currently 25year old, like the design of the bike specially in silver colour
  5. would like to know from senior , how much will this bike cost to be OTR? currently 25 year old, lic abt 3years. considering to get a reliable bike for transport. thanks
  6. currently my Honda Jazz idst model, front left headlight low-bean blown. intend to change but will like to buy the bulb and change it myself, problem is i didnt see those bulb selling at petrol station. i'm told to get it at car workshop, how much will it cost; per piece or per pair? i would like to get back the normal halogen bulb and not those blue (white light) bulb. understand that there is H1-4 bulb, what is the difference? those that get their light bulb replace at workshop, how much does it cost? staying at north area, any place to recommend me to get it fix. thank
  7. anyone selling, interested !
  8. get YBR, pulsar problematic. i sold it for japanese bike. the technology cant compare to japan counterpart but the outlook is nice. utimately is to advice u to get japanese bike, bcos any tom, **** or harry workshop can do the bike. pulsar u have to go back to their agent to get the parts. last time i always saw pulsar bike go back agent to fix this n that. Japanese bike is the best in our little country!
  9. curious to ask, can apply grease to chain. as grease will stay on longer then any spray oil. it will sure be messy and dirty but for those using the whole chain cover kind (honda wave) is it advisable to apply grease. as the all the messy is contain in the chain cover
  10. got to ask, most pulsar owner base on mileage to determine how much fuel left in tank? as my UG3 got this float problem cant determine the actual fuel left, UM quote $38 to replace the sensor but i heard the problem wont be solve. i ever had this experience, stop in the middle of the junction as suddenly my bike engine just die on me. try to start but not able, push to side of the road and attempt to start but not success den turn the fuel valve to reserve able to start. and while i'm not able to start the bike, i try to engage it to neutral, the feeling is weird as in i dun feel the gear is engage at all? i'm new to the bike, just get it for a week. hope to hear from the old bird more! thank
  11. thinking of changing my pulsar 180 tires, anyone got recommendation? both front n back as currently still using the default tires. how much will it cost? heard tat the default tires is not tubeless and if want to change to tubeless tire got to install air valve? wat is it all abt?
  12. beside getting crash bar at UM for $30, where other place can i go and how much? can any pulsar owner provide information if their parts are replace with japanese parts instead of Bajaj parts. i'm interested to know. UM can't give discount on parts, hai. original dealer also cant give us discount, got to find cheaper japanese parts in case i need replacement for my pulsar 180.
  13. bro of pulsar thread went to UM to do my bike, these are the stuff i replaced. previous owner b*****d, ride 2yrs dont even bother to change anything. in the end i got to change all items which lasted him for 2yrs. suay!!! so far changed: 1. DRYcell battery, shinko brand $58 (kena chop, i believe). NOT AT UM! 2. Rear brake pad $18. modified of japan parts. NOT AT UM! 3. oil leak at top of engine, replace camshaft cap 1pc & 2piece tappet cover O ring. $45 4. oil leak below engine, replace oil seal 1x output shaft, 1x shift lever & 1x O ring sprocket collar. $13 5. welded exhaust pipe $15 (crack n air escaping out, loss power) 6. engine oil 1 bottle $10 7. Air filter 1x $8.50 8. exhaust gasket 1x $3.50 9. diaphragm 1x $25 (@#[email protected]!$ a piece of rubber so ex.) cant believe so much thing got to replaced, doubting whether this bike really lasting anot! btw my weight is ard 70kg. 36km/litre!
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