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  1. Hi bro, interested in your horn, can you let me know the price via 90709800? Thanks
  2. hi

    still looking for r1?

    letting go my r1 07 w accs

    pm me if interested

  3. bro u're selling ur r1? may i know some more details abt ur bike?

  4. Hi anybody has any opinions on i-motoring? I saw an R1 there that i was quite interested in buying.
  5. hi guys, i'm currently looking to upgrade to a R1 very soon and would just like to ask a few questions and would really appreciate the help of you seniors I saw an R1 '08 @ I-motoring yesterday. Full black, with Akra full-system and PC3. FBF plate 09 registered.. Was quoted 20.5k. Do you guys think it's a good deal? My 2nd question would be where could I find a shop which deals more with selling class2 bikes? I've been around queensway, ubi, and kaki bukit area and there was only about 2 or 3 shops selling R1 '07 and above. I'm starting to think it's very hard to find. Please do off
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