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  1. Posting for a friend. Asking price $14800. Selling beloved fz1 naked bike. Very well taken care of. Worry free. New paintjob. Just renew coe. Still got 9years ++ Roadtax till 11 Dec 2017 COE till March 2027 Street Legal Exhaust Leovince (very loud) Below are things done in 2017. 13/2 - battlax both tyre, back tyre size 190 31/3 - full service (eo, oil filter, air filter, coolant, cone bearing) 1/4 - speedo colour change 18/4 - paint work airbrush 18/4 - change magnet 26/4 - EO change 120439 8/5 - main stand full set 24/5 - service throttle, change throttle cable 7/6 - change
  2. Ups........... Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  3. Price : $8800 COE Expiry : June 2023 Full tank mileage : 380km-400km , 22km/l Engine 9/10 All wear and tear parts serviced and replaced in 2016 ; - Fuel tank repair and derust. - New paintwork and respray misc parts. - E2 spring for both front and rear shocks. - Service front forks, oil seal and dust cover. - Service rear shocks, respray and rechrome. - Wheel bearings, steering cone bearing changed. - Supersprox sprocket with DID x ring. - Replaced front brake masterpump kit. - Serviced front brake calipers, orings, seals, rebleed, brakepads. - Tyres Pirelli Rosso 2 with bridge
  4. how are you bro..


    nice paint work..

  5. BO!!! tolong aku please..

  6. Yelaaaa sape la aku kan... Tak ape laa HAPPY FORUMING LAA KAN
  7. Evening guys. Last night, an idea struck a few of us about the next outing, we would wanna make it into a BBQ/Picnic day which starts from morning and ends by night time. Time for a change basically, this BBQ/Picnic will be open to those who can contribute a small amount for the things needed that day and of course you could bring your family too. The date chosen will be the 24th of this month, a Sunday. This is not a suggestion as the few of us who came up with this idea would like to see it happen. So we'd like to see a raise of hands on who wants to be part of this. *Confirmatio
  8. He doing it at the new LAB. Hvnt u heard of it? People say there do swee swee one.
  9. park infront of your house is the best! hahaha.. anw can our bike without electric start install the alarm's electric start?
  10. That's a load of bull bro. Why can't u claim from him? Go make accident report within 24hrs. Inform ur insurance company. U need to know time place when the incident happen details of that lorry etc. If that driver don't want to settle personally then ur insurance company will proceed claiming from him. Actually u should call Tp at that point of time. Settle.
  11. yo spankies! sorry guys had to leave half way during the outg and never get the chance to say goodbye.. got some urgent matter to attend to.. anw nice pictures! did any of you won any lucky draws? apai won motorcycle alarm and when my number came out, he went off with my ticket.. -_- GPR, LeoVince and YoshiMahal
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