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  1. For those attempting to get a helmet without PSB sticker for the lessons don't even think about it. Usually after you have enrolled, in the first lesson, they will check for the PSB stickers on the helmets you bring along. They will not allow you to ride on it as the insurance cover of the school do not cover it.
  2. I would suggest getting a second hand 2B bike to ride all the way till you get you class 2 license. Usually those whom get a 2A bike would want to upgrade further to class 2 bike. For now a class 2B bike would be the best go.
  3. I have failed lesson 2 a couple of times too, it is indeed disheartening especially when you see those taking with you advancing fast into other stages, but I didn't give up in the end and manage to pass it after 6 tries. Always have faith in yourself you can do it and you will succeed .
  4. That would be work out to be $73,000 over a year and with that amount you can actually get a decent bike
  5. I was stopped on several occasions too, but they didn't even bother to check the helmet, it could be not in their checklist item unless you are really wearing a flashy helmet that can't be ignored by TP.
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