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  1. dont stick into the piPe should be ok if scared not enough ask the dog n cat to pee especially cat he still virgin
  2. then hor you better pee on the bike liao...and don't wash for 1 mth....
  3. u and BMW f650gs bey gum...... got to change to bmw 1200 gs
  4. that is the time you need to make friend....lol don't stinge....for scooter you have to keep your eye open and visit them, give bussiness by changing eo that kind of thing, get from them their own tow number, make friend. at the moment i can think of is ahgua lane...
  5. 20 km ......it like in singapore ....get to know a local mechanic and tow shop
  6. flood liao flood liao bring rain coat n ride safe
  7. cannot official function. Enjoy!
  8. advisable to keep yourself as cool as much as possible....in the driving centre ...pls expect to be drench with sweat towards the end of the session. if you have some biking experience before as for protective gears the centre have some requirement should you bring your own, but if you want to use the centre equidment, one thing for sure- your dog would not want to be near you for the next few weeks. so get to know what the centre recommend and go from there. but if you are a complete newbie ,i do advise you to wear a riding jacket for atleast the first few lesson and the ebrake
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