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  1. Thank you so much for the reply, ChaoPuzzy1968 ! :D Precisely why I'm here.. I didn't get any replies in FB.. Was thinking of getting it in a year or 2.. My Shiver's still relatively new and I spent quite a fair bit on it.. Got it from Mah.. Didn't see it around though.. Was thinking of getting the Can Am till I saw this! Cars in SG is ridiculously priced. How's your servicing and all like? 4 bottles of EO I reckon.. Shops that are experienced in it? $?


    Any PI that brings in the NC750series should be able to service this bike, the parts use are pretty standard. cross platform.


    We only have to wait for the rear tires.


    But due to the lemon law , most shop only service their own bike.


    off hand, yes 4 EO with leftover.


    Servicing it would be wise to expect it to be around a honda built 750 pricing. less than 1 k for the works. oil, breaks ,air and water. ( no battery included)


    btw the NC dct has extra filtre - dct filtre


    YEsterday , I came across speedzone may have 1 black NM4,on the internet, you may want to look at them or call them.




    at your own risk.



  2. Dear NM4 riders, I would like to enquire more about this bike as I may get this as my next ride please.


    I am currently riding an Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS. Do you guys do meetups often? I wouldn't mind joining when avail to know more of this ride..


    To be very vague, kindly advise on the different shops who do PI for this ride and shops for servicing, repairs and what not.. $$?


    Thank you! :D


    Difficult to source for ex-stock for the moment, try booking it from some of the reputable PI, For me I go it from Looi. the rest got it from speedway, Guan hoe ,mah motor etc.


    You can go to the facebook community on NM4 to look at their profile. which is not really active.


    you can look up you tube for more ride info.


    It's a japanese bike Honda, DCT, abs.... anime looking scooter/bike. love it.

  3. bro i think u have not experience that... as not your daily ride right? try manual mode up to 3rd gear drag up to 40 to 50 n let go with one hand u shd be able to feel it... u wont feel it with both hand holding tight on the handle bars.


    Tried what you have suggested , yup, when i let go the left hand there's a slight wobble, nothing seroius in my case , i attribute it to uneven handling, it ease up once i crack open the throttle and loosen the grip by just making an O using the index and thumb on the throttle.


    Most of the time i ride without using the left hand on the handle bar and the throttle rocker on the right so i don't actually grib the handle bar and this reduce alot of fatigue. this bike is very stable and well balance, it is conciveable to ride longer distance and even taking corners with just one hand.


    Check your tire pressure 32 psi front and 36 Psi rear,bearing and finally trust your gut feel after checking all that. if it's still unmanageble 1 hand


    your bike have a problem.


    take care Bro

  4. hi guys.... u all still running stock tyres??


    yup , will still go for stock


    I get when light-handing the bars. I was told this is because the front suspension is not set up correctly...btw, I've noticed this since it was new...to see what I'm talking about, get to about 40 mph and go to a very light grip on the bars...almost like you are about to let go. You should feel a very odd wobble starting up. The suspension tech suggested a slightly harder spring and thicker shock oil to resolve this. this is very common on nm4 iszit true?

    it is the DCT from 5-6 gear changing

  5. After using this bike for about 1 and half years, I find it's a really good bike. Basically no problems, super comfy for rider and no back pain (the main issue with my 4 prev bikes), good fuel economy (28.5km/l which translates to 330km on a 11.6l tank) and quite power (at Sport Mode).


    My main issues: I want a bigger tank for further mileage, more luggage space and my pillion complain seat is uncomfortable.


    Other than that this bike is really one kind.


    Gonna bring this bike to Hatyai Thailand this national day holiday. Wish me luck! :D




    Take care!!! and Good Luck

  6. hi bro... my bike just reached 10 000 mileage. what r the things to look out for or change? is there air filter for this bike?


    Yo bro ! sorry i was on leave...


    It is a good time to check/change on the 3 brakes pads, ( top-up , water and oil level) , 2 oil and 1 air filter


    and the tires too..

  7. Being a Japanese bike, getting the spare parts are not really a challenge.


    The challenge is what do the Mechanic do after getting the parts and how to replace them. That's is the Main problem. This bike is not common, to disassemble and reassemble need skills in handling some "weird latches" and hooks


    Getting a servicing manual helps the mechanic quite a bit. but you have to leave the bike there for a couple of weeks for routine maintenance or months in a major failure.


    This is some of the major consideration before getting the bike. you need a lot of patiences


    can you wait that long?


    Getting rid of it after 1 year , is a smart choice for owner who cannot tahan the problem which will crop up as the bike grows older


    so it is not surprising that it happens.


    Hi Guys,


    I saw quite a few selling off this Honda NM4 after 1 year, may I know what is the problem? What is the full mileage on a full tank? I read from the thread, it is difficult to get parts for this bike, is it true?


    I do not want to have problem when it comes to maintenance and servicing.


    Someone can help?




    maybe eventually i can ride in such a way that i will never really need helmets or safety gear either :D


    abs is a rider aid, not a crutch. It can provide additional safety for the sensible rider, but give a moron all the traction control, abs etc also and he'd probably still kill himself hehehe


    very well said!!!



  9. Just to share but i've seen videos where people are too used to having ABS that when they ride non-ABS bike, they like to squeeze/step the levers hard.


    I've not ridden on an ABS bike before im not sure if this function exist but there should be some indicator when the ABS is activated so as to warn the user like "dont brake like that next time yo"


    lol yes , when the ABS kick in, it is saying we are braking too hard...

  10. the idea that "a highly skilled rider can stop a non-ABS bike faster or in shorter distance than an ABS bike in the dry" is the only 'somewhat valid' argument i have heard against ABS. i brush this aside for three reasons:


    1) "highly skilled" does not refer to any of us here. not unless you show me that you are certified in advanced riding training. if the wet e-brake at your driving center is your only training in braking, you really want to call yourself among the "highly skilled"?


    2) a few videos i have seen where the supposed highly skilled rider stop the non-ABS bike in shorter distance. but by far, a lot more articles and videos doing this test show the ABS bike stop in shorter distance.


    3) even the highly skilled bikers dont want to test this in the wet. all just agree they can't beat the ABS in the wet. so what does that say?


    but if you really believe you skilled enough to stop better than ABS, go ahead.like i said, i'm not here to tell you to take an ABS bike.


    but the idea that ABS will make your riding skills worse, of coz is bull. that opinion shows you dont even know how ABS works. if the ABS doesnt engage in 99% of your riding, and you cant purposely use it in normal braking, why would it affect your riding technique?


    and to add on non ABS, at this moment, abs, may not be a good idea to engage when going off road? it really depends on the rider on how they use their equidment and not the bike.



    but personally do i want ABS on the bike, I don't . it's extra cost and the item will break down.


    Just ride in such a way that never really need to use them or was what mechwira says 99% of the time.( lol I prefer 100%)



  11. I have both ABS and Non ABS bike.



    There is ample Video on ABS for Bikes






    reference http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/deadly-dozen-12-motorcycle-safety-myths-and-misconceptions


    Myth 12: A Skilled Rider Can Stop Better with Conventional Brakes than with Anti-Lock Brakes

    Extensive testing done recently disproves this popular notion. Even on clean, dry, flat pavement, skilled, experienced riders (who did hundreds of panic stops for the testing on outrigger-equipped motorcycles) stopped in less distance with anti-lock brakes (ABS) than with conventional or linked braking systems. Though the tests didn't include samples on surfaces with slick, dirty or wet spots, ABS certainly would have performed even better under those conditions while eliminating much of the risk of crashing.

    The other cool thing about ABS on a motorcycle is that allows you to safely practice panic stops without risking a crash caused by lock-up.


    Disclaimer. even with ABS it does not guranteee you will survive riding on the road. when you time is up, nothing will prevent it.

    Conconclusion, as a biker it's your life , you decide how you want to live it or how you want to die.

  12. Thank you all for the invaluable tips .

    Met jimmy, owner of a white NM04

    I am Really convinced to get this bike.





    You sooooo gonna have fun!!!!

  13. lol, thanks for your useful guidelines, what is the mileage to top up coolant for nm4? soory for the noob questions.


    All you need to do is to visually check the expendables.


    If it not within expectation , bring it in to the shop, let them know and for them to do the topping up.( this will answer your second question)


    I am quite happy with this bike, it is not hot and even after running in, the coolant level is still within tolerance, and now at 6k, the level is still maintain.So there's no requirement to do the topping up ourselves.


    we can do the complete servicing on annually.


    and yes it is a hassle to open up the fairing. so don't open it unless you are bored and want some fun.


    and yup it was quite fun

  14. nope.......I don't avoid scratches, I have to pillion my Wife , she a pu55y she scratches alot especially when she have to mount and dismount and kick the pannier using her riding boots.


    But i did check out raceshield ( cover only ceratin portion ) about $400


    and ordinary transparent plastic limited protection from 219 shop you should be looking at $500 figure for the whole bike.


    you should check it out from them.


    I have tried the 219 camo pink plastic , it lasted more than 5 years , and it is still good enough.


    I will let the Vultus scratch for a few more years before i cover it up with cosmetic plastic. to make it look good as new.

  15. The standard stuff like tires, brake pads, things that will wear. The bike shops I went says parts are so hard to get . Like As if I get this bike I will suffer .



    I was so keen become dampened siah.


    Change shop.... until one shop that can do it. It is Japanese technology ,using quite abit of tecnolgy from the NC7 series even for brek , filtres and even come with the japenese ERP.


    front Tires are the same as ST13 , super 4 etc


    as for rear tire there's always ebay ,bike bandit and webike and indent the delivery to your bike shop.


    to dampen the spirit further


    your problem is not about getting the parts, you have to be able to get the bike first.


    The pricing maybe a deterent factor to bring in the bike.


    @$25-28K would you want a honda 750 instead of a harley 883?

  16. I went to two bike shop Ready to buy an NM4-02

    Sadly they tell me small tank, no parts, etc etc la

    Then recommend me buy Afrika twin, other bikes.


    May I hear from the owners- is it true?

    It's not a good bike....


    There's only a few of this around so it is special.



  17. I always like harley , but want to find up the difference for cruiser or touring bike as touring bike is more popular now.

    I like to go for group trip to nshw, what's the pro n cons between the 2 catagories bike in terms more events, more comfy , less maintenance cost.

    I hv a new 400cc scooter but wondering should I trade in or juz keep it if I want to hv a bigger bike.


    Those question , you have to work it out for yourself.


    It all boil down to a single most important question .


    Why do you ride?


    If it's for fun for yourself , then get a bike which will be able to keep up with what you want. Looking nice ,feel nice is the criteria, relaibility not a major factor.( you are only responsible for yourself.)


    If it is for fun in a group, then get a bike which can keep up with the groupie. and not giving them problem.




    Then you can decide what bike to keep and how to keep them.

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