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  1. i think jk also rode another rt...go ask him , he quite friendly
  2. the bike is complaining that u did not wack it hard enough!! btw i also had the same problem but it revert back after bring it for a good 100km run
  3. Hatyai Railway N07.00388deg E100.46780deg can fit one elephat at a time or 3 stx in 1 go if lucky 4 bike, more u have to email n contact them.
  4. that's the V... btw don't stamp too hard..you break your ankle
  5. I thinks so too...it's the Vee , how can it be.... http://www.vstrom.info/Smf/index.php/topic,10828.0.html
  6. with fork brace 2up n box 200 stable. 220 max i tried solo bare no box bike can still go but rideralreadi lost his ball
  7. yup and later sharpe dies while foyle froze and the german walk by . but the ending foyle still gets to shoots the german
  8. it depends on the throttle control...it's as bad as 12km/l to 26km/l at 220km/h thru 70km/h (8000rpm thru 2500rpm) and tire pressure, clean or unclean air filter, new or old oil... on average it's about 200 miles or 360km but be careful when u go full bore.....250km si liao
  9. yup yup We, members of the Singapore Armed Forces, do solemnly and sincerely pledge that we will always bear true faith and allegiance to the President and the Republic of Singapore. We will always support and defend the Constitution. We will preserve and protect the honour and independence of our country with our lives.
  10. about idling rpm 1000 then you can whack till "16000"rpm if you want. close throttle when u change gear...unlesws u want to wheelie
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