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  1. COE ending July Honda XR125, any offer, or will scrap.
  2. I have air filter for XJR 1300, 04-06 year model for sale, S$40 each, only 2 pcs. can PM me if you need.
  3. Go to Hong Leong or AutoMachinery to buy you folk seal.. and go to a bike shop and have them replaced with the folk oil.
  4. 1) Sand paper away the thick rust 2) apply some acidic liquid such as lemon juice or coke and wrap with cloth for over nite. 3) polish with autoso until shine... 4) polish with thinly apply silicon wax..till shine hope this help
  5. I believe you can keep at home, as long as not ride worthy and do not put on road..LTA have no right to anything about it.
  6. Try to add 100ml EO more than what Spec call for..this help in cooling especially for old engine.
  7. TPS is throttle position sensor...hardly spoil. I suggest you check your crank case pressure..if it is difficult to do, get a pressure relief cap..and see what happen, before you spend big money again... My guess is that your cooling system is down..so the whole engine heat built up and inturn lead to pressure build up...that is why you found all the leak..and then engine stall..... Check the pressure to varify pressure build up...if this is the case...check cooling to cure it...
  8. Welcome back to ride.. to answer to you: 1) First check you shift level and liknkage..was it loosen, or any ware off sign? Level should be firm and and smooth (lubricate)...ware off level and linkage always provide insufficient throw that nessary to engage and disengage clutch... 2) Is your clutch hydraulic? if yes check clutch fluid, bleed if too old..or any leak on clutch pump, check pump seal replace if necessary..I believe this is the main issue. 3) If you mileage is more than 120k...go and get you clutch plate check...this should be the final stage.
  9. you sure you know how to adjust? Maybe you should ask the bike shop(unique) to look into it? Personerly. I think YSS should do the JOB, XJR ohlin is not the top notch...
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