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  1. Want to trade with moto guzzi norge 1200gt. Low mileage reg aug 2011.

  2. Kind of interested. Any idea how much installation fee...?

  3. hi bro, ijo here.....check wif u this sunday want go together?since u stay tampines i stay simie nearby..anything sms me to this number 96403411 see yeah!

  4. Tks for the reply!

  5. When you look at belting alone, yes you can.


    BUT, the rubber is layed on the tyre during manufacturing in one direction, meaning that the end of the strip is overlapping another, so when you flip the tyre, there is a 1% chance that the reversed friction might rip it off.


    I have flipped tyres many times in the past, but have stopped after a Metzeler guy told me not to do it. The tyres are made to withstand much more abuse than what we put them through, but if that 1% does happen, it can be disastrous.


    Even worse if the insurance people find out and void your insurance claim.


    Dont do it mate.

  6. hi bro...giving away ur kr throttle cable?? can give me??


  7. Mr Hartholomew,i remember one of ur post saying that most tyre hv angled belting EXCEPT Metzelers which hv 0 degree belting.so is that mean we can flip Metzelers tyre(racetec)?ur advice is appreciated!

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