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  1. A well maintained 2011 Anniversary Model, F800GS. 90k mileage. Serviced religiously every 3 months. Photo taken today! Coe will be lowering due to economy, a really great year to renew coe. Expiring in 2011 May. Loaded with accessories like barkbuster, motorrad crash bar, large foot pegs, legal 1st gen LV exhaust(no longer legal available) etc etc. Currently on low seat but also come with the original red anniversary seats. Just full serviced on 29th may 2020 for the next owner. Coolant flushed, eo oil, filter, new spark plug, new stator etc etc. Selling as i had just broke my left
  2. hi all, i just got my 12 speed triple =) any group chat or fb that u guys are in, can add me in? 829918 nine four. any mechanics do u guys recommend? overall very happy with it ar, was really surprised by the engine heat. its so much lesser than my previous daytona
  3. anyone know if 883 run hot in stop go stop go kind of traffic?
  4. Hey bro Haniff here, can you deal the bike at 2.8k.Paying via cash, thank you. my number is 9756 2390

  5. Hi pls send me a pic of ur bike pls to 98733474 thanks

  6. why not? but some people make good colleagues but not friends and vice versa
  7. hi there dear sab i needed a rx-s 115cc complete engine (used engine ) in good condition please help me out for this and my email address is athar201 at gmail dot com


    any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated


    and also a technical know how if i put a yz crank and piston in a rx-s how will be the performance and will be suitable for that


    please help





  8. looking like suzuki gn125 to me hehe i am aiming at gn125, or vanvan after i get my 2b =) wonder if i fall into vintage and classic (or is it ahpek for my case) currently lying towards gn125, plannign to get new otr
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