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  1. aftnoon spyk!no problemo :D

  2. andoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..hahahaha

  3. erm erm..nono..im eva..heee..man is man =X

  4. haish..till nw still nvr mit on rd..kekekeke

  5. wooooooooooooooooooooooo ^^

  6. ehkkkkkkkkkk..not so early lah..BUT I WAN A S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha

  7. so difficult for me 2 get permission for 2a..den if i wan get s4 can only get aft marriage..so sad!!!!!!!!! =(

  8. hehehe..im collecting money for my 2a n s4..so it's ok ^^

  9. hehehehe..do join our outing k ^^

  10. Kak suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  11. eh beb..x1 ade boardsgame outing..jempot dtg ehhhhh =D

  12. *muackxxxx* hehehehehe

  13. me frm oversized disc brake den dey chged it 2 a rusty stock 1..if i were 2 chg back confirm i'll go for an oversized 1..kekeke..so mus self discipline abit *angel*

  14. ehhhhhhhh..i dunno..but it still can makan..but i am goin 2 chg the brake pads..n sand the disc coz super rusty..stupid shop gave me a rusty disc brake..haish

  15. dunno anythin arh..wah!!dat time my office door gt squeaky sound den my frn go spray wd40..den same thing happened 2 my frnt brake..gt squeek squeek sound so i spray wd40 oso..wahahahaha..best wors

  16. hahaha..dat's coz dat time no1 2 guide me marh..tyres botak liao still dunno..brake pad no more liaos still dunno..kekekeke..but aft accidents all know..learn the hard way ^^

  17. hahahaha..full svc..it's ok..i gt dis bike for only 7mths den tio 2 accidents send for major repair..but engine still ok ^^

  18. lol!!!wat's dat suppose 2 mean *bish bish*

  19. WAHHHHHHHHH!!!cannot lah..for me i chg 1 mth once oso my bike supa sluggish like old man like dat *chuckles*

  20. kekekeke..i tink shld b next mth aft i fully utilize my eo..hahahaha..aite *thumbs up*

  21. but own by a very old uncle..den wanna ask him do things oso like pity the old man..lol..it's called balong motors =D

  22. heeee..nxt im goin to try some shop at geylang..dunno wat's the name..heard the things der r cheap cheap + gd svc n can bargain somemore..hahahaha =D

  23. heeeeeeeeeeeee =P eh..i everyday eat choco ok!..full of vitamins =D

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