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  1. What sort of upgrade? 1) From 105bhp to 122+bhp? 2) 4 disc brakes instead of 2 disc + 2 drum? 3) Upgrade from 15inch rims? 4) Ugrade in engine from CVVT 1.6L DOHC? 5) Better fc?
  2. Well, toyota is a good choice but personal preference as in i like honda jazz more. More fuel economy and lower road tax due to 1.3L and weighs. Please honda also got more resale value but toyota vios also not so bad either.
  3. U have to sacrifice space for cheaper fuel. Its good and informative. I also heard about good reviews from CNG user. Tempting to try but too lazy to drive down to Jurong for CNG top up every time.
  4. I have one story to share. True story. Victim (Me) and Ubi bike shop. My ZX4 was still under installment for like 1k+ at $190+ per month. Like 9 more installments to go. Suddenly I received a letter from Hong Leong Finance saying that From WEF bah bah bah that hong leong owned my bike and all installment is to be paid to hong leong. Ok lor, Hong leong nearby my house, easier to pay installment. After 3 months of installment, my ZX4 disappeared, i feel like crap and 1st i call up motorshop. Indeed, they towed back my bike. I was damned pissed off and ask to speak to the boss (motortiam). I yell
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