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  1. Hi bro , just wanna change with you than if I'm not wrong yr bike gts200 .. Yr meter looks nice ... How n where can I chage the back ground color...

  2. Shouldnt be much of a different? I'm not sure though
  3. Welcome.. So far has anyone use the cigar jack aka lighter hole for charging purposes? If so how is it so far, the chargin rate is slow or as per wall plug charging?
  4. First of all congrats wif the intention on joinin the sym family. I'm currently ridin gts 300i which is known as joymax as well, as for parking wise if u were to park wif ur fairing or head inwards it will be easy. But I always reverse park which means my back of the bike is inwards, it is a little heavy as I'm small in size but shouldn't be a prob. See u on the road soon
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