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  1. Harlow ä½ å¥½ ä½ å¥½
  2. Seem like we are forever stuck with vmax hahaha
  3. Wow..it been awhile...who else is riding a vmax still?
  4. Wow..this thread still around...lol
  5. Happy New Year Bro!

  6. been awhile since i posted,..and after all these years, great to see this friday night bikers still as strong as ever while other threads have gone silent...thumbs up
  7. just got a LTA approved dr jerkill and mr hyde exhaust for sportster so letting go of my 49 OEM baffless exhaust...interested can pm to deal..thanks for reading... 49 exhaust is for EFI sportster model 2008 and up
  8. thanks for the interest bro, but it already reserved
  9. Letting go of my oct 2010 registered twin cam ocra grey GS for a new ride 1 owner, mileage 28+++ km. Comes with alu adventure sides boxes and wilbers suspension Fully paid and maintained by PML PM me if interest for more details...
  10. ok, out with the old and in with the new....let see your new ride..
  11. wow ...http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mTXuCBLrOO8/Th-ajAALEDI/AAAAAAAAAJU/kGUN1_VqIDE/s1600/Hard_Gay.jpg
  12. and i still dont know how hitman aka friedfishz look like
  13. the round round thingy on the crash bar lor
  14. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3662/3481617244_2c0ca7046a.jpg wow..your new ride ah? got lapa wan some more..
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