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  1. Harlow ä½ å¥½ ä½ å¥½
  2. Seem like we are forever stuck with vmax hahaha
  3. Wow..it been awhile...who else is riding a vmax still?
  4. wow ...http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mTXuCBLrOO8/Th-ajAALEDI/AAAAAAAAAJU/kGUN1_VqIDE/s1600/Hard_Gay.jpg
  5. and i still dont know how hitman aka friedfishz look like
  6. NCD only last 1 year lapse from last date of owning a bike...you got to start from zero but no matter, in 3 years you should get back your full 20 % NCD..if there aint any misadventure
  7. my sporty on 10 inches rear progressive shocks,,still on oem jiffy stand,,just that bike will be almost straight when it is on the jiffy stand so take precaution where to park...also prepare for lesser clearance from engine base to the ground...mine only have about 6cm clearance so all humps have to slow down and sometimes walk over the hump
  8. hitman...you really sound like a salesperson at HDS these days...
  9. got chance it can work..try recharging..no harm
  10. ...you dont know how i suffer with a bloated tummy..
  11. if you say what you are, let me give you a head up, go to >>> http://xlforum.net/ lot of nice mods and ideas from this forum for sporty you never know who is looking over our backs,.. not with so many of our brothers kena caught for illegal mods, other makes of bikes included.. Noticed how quiet this whole forum has become, not just this thread,..no one post meet up openly anymore..it all thru private invites
  12. 2 posts and u wanna see my hd pictures? i m not even sure if u r a under cover LTA officer...anyway nan...no one post pictures of their bikes in this forum
  13. harley maintenance is simple..cheaper than japanese bikes in fact..the real cost is the large amount of accessories available and the customisation on your harley is endless..my bike has gone thru 4 profile change in a span of 4 years..and m thinking of converting it to a cafe racer end of this year
  14. another hitman just appeared
  15. ok...i thought my eyes playing tricks on me
  16. but dont lower until like my sporty...only 6cm clearance from ground
  17. chop chop dont wait leow...BUY!
  18. i still on my baffleless 49ers OEM pipes,,,life too short to worry about some idiots in white..i ride my sporty like that till i get checkmate
  19. jamez my friend you are really very greedy leh
  20. it been a long time i took my sporty for a long ride..kind of force to ride to the dealership to let them take down my bike mileage for the battery warranty that i bought recently over the counter...the rumble n the roar from the 49ers pipes will simply amazing......the sound is the soul of the bike, i dont get that from riding my beemer..but then again that serve another ride purpose
  21. ya that because my 2 year old battery just died on me..tomorrow i will rumble around the neighbourhood after the new battery is up..
  22. $252 for a sportster batt...off the counter and diy..if leave at dealership they may charge for workmanship
  23. he telling you to stay away or dont come too close to the long vehicle he is escorting
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