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  1. Hi i would like to enquire about Yamaha R15, How much is it for the insurance and the bike? If i would to get a finance loan, what would the monthly payment be?

    Im 25 years old with 5 years riding experience

  2. Good afternoon fellow bikers in sbf!

    First of all, I would like to know how to push start for a bike without clutch? As I left my bike untouch in a carparks a night after the rainy and cold night. the next morning my bike can't be started at all.

    Not even with electric start or kick start. (With choke on). When I hold on to the electric start, there is some clean gas coming out from the exhaust but not very strong.


    Anybody know what wrong with my bike? Hope someone can recify it

  3. Perhaps u will like to discrbe more on the symptoms?


    eg. when key is turn on. press starter button, got any cranking sound or no soound?

    When kickstart idling, the headlight got light flickers?


    when the key is turned on, no power at all, e.g no light at the neutral and cant even press the start button. Then when i on the headlight, the light at the gear indicator become dim.

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