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  1. hi, thanks.

    enduro looks interesting. will join the forum and keep a lookout, thanks for the info.

    yup, u are right abt the tires, keeping them.



  2. hi,if u wanna go dirt riding! keep yr stock tires......check http://www.mssc.org.sg. there r some things 4 women riders....moto cross and enduro board.



  3. try looking in http://www.mssc.org.sg if u 1 2 have more info esp if u 1 2 ride off road in m'sia.



  4. hi,there is alot of info abt the bikes for ladis here on the thread. or if u r serious abt riding it off road 2. u might 1 2 head down 2 http://www.mssc.org.sg n check it out. there r some gals from here dat r racing 2 in the mssc events.



  5. hi there,

    there r several good points dat were u brought up. its good 2 have ppl dat r passionate abt the sport n with clear thinking 2. it would be great if we could meet up and have a exchange of tots. maybe if would benefit the sport in the future.


    best regards


    edward soh

    general secretary MSSC


    cell fone - 81820291

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